Hello, this is Strategygamers.nl! This website is under construction. When we are done, it will feature news, tutorials, walkthroughs and let's play's of Strategy games such as Company of Heroes, Hearts of Iron 3, Ruse, Civilization V, and Company of Heroes 2!

  • Company of heroes

    Company of Heroes is a Real-Time Strategy game, focussing on the liberation of France, Belgium and southern Netherlands during the Second World War throughout 1944.

  • Company of heroes 2

    A follow-up on Company of Heroes, this game focusses on the Eastern front of the Second World War, from 1941 to 1945.

  • Hearts of Iron 3

    Hearts of Iron 3 is a real-time Grand Strategy game, where you can play as any nation through 1936 all the way to 1948, including control over an army, research, factories and diplomacy.